Yehi Or

We are very happy to announce that Hatmara Home is open!

This is a project of Hatmara-Merkava method to take us forward in achieving Tikun Olam.

Our Home is located in Eilat, Israel. It is a beautiful place for you to come learn and grow. We welcome you to stay and to enjoy the activities we held such as therapies, workshops, seminars and retreats. If you want, you can also do a self-retreat here. We have place for you to sleep, cook (only vegetarian) and enjoy a peaceful and relaxing time. It’s close to the desert and the beach (red sea).

Our activities:

* Self-development work:
- Hatmara-Merkava therapy
- Soul Touch therapy
- Life-Coaching sessions

* Workshops and Seminars:
- We can host your seminars, just ask us for the dates and conditions
- Introductory lectures of the Hatmara-Merkava Method
- Introductory lectures about the operating system called “The tree of Good and Bad” which is in all creation and the installation of a new operating software called “The tree of Life”
- Basic course of Hatmara-Merkava
- Update course
- Methamer course – professional therapist of Hatmara-Merkava
- Workshop about “Kabalat Shabat” and installing the tree of life meditation
- Update course for Methamers
- Update meeting for Teachers
- Weekly meeting for practice Hatmara with all kinds of global issues

- Please keep in touch with us by Facebook and check our new activities.

* Private and group retreats

The dates for all activities depend on the requests according to the possibilities and time on who is interested. The date will fix according to the requests.

Feel free to contact us if you have any question!

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